Sponsored Riders

Joanne Madaffari

Jo competes her horses in showjumping and eventing, and is a well known and respected competitor within the sport.The above pictures are Jo and Mister at Eventing in the park.
These are Jo’s goals for 2015, “Jack will start the season at 1* and all being successful, we will be aiming for Melbourne International 3DE. Subject to how Mister is going, we will start the year at Pre Novice and hope to do some 1* classes if he is going well. Casper will start back at the beginning of the season and I will take him slowly and aim for Prelim by the end of the year as long as he is confident enough and last but not least, Fling will go around Intro 1 as he enjoys this level.”

Teele Hooper-Worrell
IMG_4701 ,2015-03-26 21.24.392015-03-26 21.25.14

Teele competes in a variety of disciplines with the main one being eventing. Teele plans to attend showjumping competitions and progress from D to C grade in eventing. She also plans to continue her young horse, Hustles education and introduce him to the show environment.

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